Day: December 7, 2017


Casino at The End Of The Century

At the end of the reformed-busy century politicians took direct aim at the casino game throughout the United States.

Public opinion has been molded religious leaders who have set the rebirth movement together to show this traveled country preaching against the evils of gambling and drinking.

These religious meetings were held under large tents, described reformed players who gave keen testimonials about the chicanery and crookedness of “sports life”.

In cities from New York to San Francisco, reform administrations spurred religious leaders have closed gaming casinos.

Cleveland, Detroit, Pittsburgh, Chicago, Denver, San Francisco, and New Orleans all looted gaming operations. Hot Springs, Arkansas, known as the “Midwest Monte Carlo,” have had several gaming clubs that have offered faro, roulette, poker, dice, and slot machines.

In 1910, Judge Woods, chose on a pledge to rid the hot springs of “gambling underworld”, all closed casinos.

The French lick, Indiana, long known as an open gambling city, severely restricted the operation of its numerous casinos.

The course of gambling reform in Canton, Ohio, is typical of what has happened in many places. In 1911, two traveling preachers, Quinn and Ash, convinced township officials that gambling was rampant in their city.

Officials ruled over the sheriff, who responded looting two of the largest gambling halls. According to police reports, several gambling paraphernalia were taken to the dump and burned.

After a few months, the looted casinos reopened to business as usual.

Reverend Recard, pastor of the United Brothers Church, described local conditions that play is the unfathomable hoof in the city known as the township.

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