Month: January 2018


Casino With Famous Tourist Spots

The gaming industry is a thriving business today in the Philippines. In recent years, more casinos have been put up all over the country. Their main agenda is to attract more gambling tourists to go to the Philippines. But, even Filipino’s population gambling find it hard to resist their charms. Many of the casinos today are strategically located at famous tourist spots in the country. Examples of these casinos are the Fontana Leisure Park, the Subic Diamond Casino and the Filipino Casino – Tagaytay.

The Fontana Leisure Park

this casino is located at Clark’s Special Zone, which can easily be seen from the road. The Fontana Leisure Park is one of the favorite holiday destinations for Filipinos and foreigners. This is because there are so many things to do in Fontana’s leisure park. There is a golf course, and many pools that visitors and players can enjoy. This casino is very friendly to foreigners since the staff speaks multiple languages.

There are sixty five slot machines that players can choose from. If slots are not their thing, they can choose to play any of the forty table games available at the casino. Among this table the games are the famous baccarat and roulette. Food is a problem here so there are never more restaurants to choose from the Lukfoo and Crocodile grill.

Subic Diamond Casino

many tourists, Filipinos and foreigners alike, are heading to Subic nowadays. It was only about beaches and ocean adventure, but now tourists have another reason to go there. It is too good just to ignore the casino located in Subic.

This casino is very accessible to gambling tourists since it is at the free port area. It’s a relatively small casino because it only has around fifty slot machines and twenty-four table games that players can enjoy. The hotel is just like little; it only holds about eighty rooms. So this casino is for gambling tourists who want to keep it comfortable and suggest.

Filipino Casino – Is Tagaytay

you want to go horse riding or would you like to just enjoy the view and some cool breeze? Tagaytay is known for all these things and more. Located in the northern part of the Philippines, Filipino Casino – Tagaytay is one of the largest casinos in the country.

It contains four hundred and twenty slots that players can enjoy. Those who are more interested in table games should not get disappointed; there are thirty-three of them available here. Play tourists can also stay at the Taal Vista Hotel if they wish.

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